Pro quality and entirely cruelty free.

Without using animal hair each individual brush  was developed to work with either  powder or  liquid preparations. The bristles are made from Taklon, a synthetic allergy-free vegan fibre, combined with wooden  handle and a metal ferrule. Our buffer brush is the only brush with a plastic handle. 

All our powder brush tips are flailed so that no pigment is wasted and conversely, to move liquids, our foundation and concealer brushes are finely tapered to ensure flawless coverage. Our angle brush is perfect for creating confident lines, a perfect match for our eyeshadows, wet or dry, and brow pomades. Discover our buffer brush, for creating an addictive flawless finish to foundation application that's foolproof.



All cruelty-free makeup brush purchases will be matched with brush donations to makeup artists. Often independent workers affected by the pandemic, they will need more tools in their kits to provide safe & sanitary makeup applications once they can work again, down the road. Thank you for helping us make this happen.

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