Peaceful model with eyes closed wearing a weightless natural makeup look for Summer 2021, leaning on warm orange wall


Makeup made in Canada.
Model with medium skin tone looking up and wearing an effortless makeup look using all natural organic makeup from SAPPHO, against a bright turquoise background
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For your effortless makeup looks.
Light pink natural eyeshadow look on Asian eyes with best grey brow pomade and vegan mascara
Vancouver makeup artist holding refillable makeup palette next to model wearing all natural makeup look for 2021
Must-have products for simple minimalistic makeup routine from organic makeup brand SAPPHO styled with shadows

Reducing plastic waste

Refillable makeup

Making a difference together, one makeup compact at a time.

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Clean, conscious, vegan

Made in Canada.

We manufacture our products sustainably, in a zero carbon footprint facility, with the goal to continue reducing our environmental impact as we grow.

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Sappho poet bust on textured sparkly silver background
SAPPHO clean beauty brand signature lyrical lines in textured silver
"someone will remember us, I say, even in another time"
- Sappho, poet, c. 600 B.C.