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February A Month of Love

With Valentine's Day falling in the middle of the month, February is well-known as the month of love. For those who celebrate it, February quickly becomes a race against time to get that coveted reservation for two you knew you should have called in for months ago. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there's always a special someone to want to spend Valentine’s with and show your appreciation for - and that person might just be... you!

This month I will be writing on the importance of self-care, during not only hectic times in the year, but everyday. Normally, my self-care routine is one that I don’t really pay attention to but with the month of love in mind, I decided to try something new within the last few weeks and make time for different self-care routines.

Self-care has an array of benefits ranging from physical to emotional. Self-care is an important personal practice and one that is vital in fostering a break from our everyday stresses that we may experience at work, home, school, financial stress and more. To me, self-care has always been that time outside of and separate from my daily routine that allows for relaxation and a focus on treating myself.

One of my favourite nighttime self-care routines involves attention to skincare through a post-shower face mask. Face masks are just one of the ways through which I practice self-care. There are a lot of benefits to face masks as a form of self-care aside from their obvious skin health benefits. Completing a face mask routine gives you a moment to slow down your day and experience a sense of calm in knowing that you’ve just taken a small step towards improving your own mental health. As a full-time university student and part-time hostess, slowing down is such a crucial aspect to my personal self-care routine that reminds me to breathe and allow space for myself.

Doing my makeup is a part of my daily morning routine and honestly, it has become a part of my self-care routine too. Last month, I explored my interest in makeup as a form of self-expression but the benefits of applying makeup don’t stop there. Makeup can also act as a form of self-care because you take the time out of your day to apply it and focus on your personal look for the day. This is what makeup does for me as it has the ability to instantly change my mood and make me feel ready to tackle my day.

In particular, applying Sappho’s CC Cream, in the light shade, before my Sappho Essential Foundation, in the shade Mia, has become a ritual part of my mornings. As I explored the product further I noticed that, not only does Sappho’s CC Cream act as a primer for and add dimension to my foundation, it also has its own skincare benefits within its ingredients. These benefits include moisturizing effects that are definitely felt instantly through its application.

Going into this month of love, remember to show those you love just how much you appreciate them but also remember to give attention to the self-care you need in the hectic beginnings of the year.

February 16, 2019 by Sappho New Paradigm

New Beginnings

Beginnings - by Mila Kragulj

At 19 years old you get used to juggling a full-time course load, a part-time job and if you’re anything like me - dealing with the reality of impulsive shopping decisions (like buying the puppy you’ve always dreamed of). On November 18th, 2018 I found myself working at my part-time weekend evening job as a hostess in Downtown Vancouver, having picked up a brunch shift for this Sunday morning. It was a slow shift, going through the motions of answering phone calls and seating guests, almost dismissing one of the most interesting people I have met. That was the day I met JoAnn Fowler. Laptop in hand, she had requested a table for two for a meeting and immediately I took her to my favourite table (table three). Within the next five minutes I would be introduced to a perspective on makeup that had barely crossed my mind.

By this age, especially as a girl, you’ve been exposed to make-up for two decades.  Introduced as subtly as the first time you ever noticed the long eyelashes and blush cheeks of a Barbie or seen your mother getting ready for family brunch on Sunday morning. Seeing the transformation from a natural and clean slate into a polished more confident smile is extremely powerful and influential. You suddenly see the beauty of both faces, but the effect that is achieved by a little extra makeup is enticing. It holds the ability to change the way we carry ourselves, gives an air of enhanced visual appearance and most importantly, gives us the opportunity for self expression. It gives the user autonomy and authority through the choice to apply makeup or to choose not to apply it at all.

It was incredible how fast JoAnn had learned about my passion for writing and for working with others. She had introduced herself as the founder of Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics and an Emmy Award nominated makeup artist living in Vancouver. She had even taken care to notice the little makeup I had on that morning and complimented the way I had applied it. I usually apply a natural makeup look, on nights out using false eyelashes and a few more splashes of colour to my face, but that morning I had my regular everyday makeup (with a little bit more highlight). JoAnn quickly introduced me to the idea of clean and green beauty. She described her line as clean in the sense that the ingredients used are vegan and organic; even the packaging had been selected to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.  Her question, “Do you write?”, simultaneously sparked a new creative opportunity and personal journey for me. Both of us had been in the right place at the right time- JoAnn had been looking for a blog writer for her cosmetics line and I was looking for a new creative project.

With the promise to keep in touch and reach out via email, JoAnn enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning brunch and I completed my weekend of hostess shifts.